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Kellys Wholesale is an official partner of Statiegeld Nederland. As of 01.04.23, Statiegeld must be charged on all PET bottles and cans (this also includes ciders and beers). We have registered all cans and bottles that we sell at Kellys Wholesale with Statiegeld Nederland. Meaning you do not have to register any cans or bottles you buy from us with Statiegeld Nederland.  

How do we charge statiegeld?

We will need to charge all customers that are based in The Netherlands statiegeld. This means that for every order containing cans and or bottles, we will send you a separate invoice with the statiegeld surcharges for every single ordered bottle and/or can. You, as a customer, need to make sure that you pass on these charges to your customers.

Our website provider is currently working on an automated system that will add these charges at checkout to every customer based in The Netherlands. Until then, we will have to work through invoices. If the invoice for the statiegeld surcharges has not been paid, we won’t release your original order. 

Statiegeld to be charged to the customer: 

Small bottles €0,15 

Big bottles 1L + €0,25 

All cans €0,15 


We supply a label sticker with a registered EAN code & the product name. The can/bottle will only be accepted by the Statiegeld machines if the sticker with the EAN code is on the can/bottle. 

We hope for your understanding. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [email protected] or send us a WhatsApp message at +316 21384396.

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