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Terms & Conditions

Kellys Wholesale BV

KVK (chamber of office) number 82907315

1. Nothing in this agreement affects your statutory rights.

2. At our sole discretion we may change any part of this site including the price of any products or services offered. It is your responsibility to check if any alterations have occurred and any further orders placed by you, will constitute your acceptance of these terms.

3. All descriptions and weights are those of the original manufacture and are intended to give a general description of the goods. The weight to be shipped includes the weight of packaging for the goods.

4: Non-Stock Items: In the event a brand / quantity combination being unavailable or discontinued, we will act according to the information supplied by the customer on the order details screen. a) If an item is not available in the requested weight and the customer has requested we supply a different weight combination, then we will attempt to supply a larger quantity of the same item type but in smaller weights, the total weight will either equal or exceed the original amount requested, or an appropriate refund will be given. b) If an item is not available in the requested brand, and the customer has requested we supply a different brand, we will supply an alternative brand of the same or greater value, or an appropriate refund will be given. c) If a customer has requested we delay dispatch until a brand or weight is available, we will hold onto the order for up to a maximum of 30 days, at which point we will contact the customer for further instructions.

5. Dispatch and Delivery: Delivery times are based on our couriers and are approximate. It is your responsibility to ensure someone is available to accept delivery. If for any reason we can not dispatch your order within 2 working days, we will notify you by e-mail.

6. Currency: All payments shall be made in Euros.

7. Card Payments: We do accept Credit Card payments online.

8 . Liability: Kellys Wholesale BV will accept no responsibility or cost whatsoever if delivery of any product is delayed as a result of anything out of its control; i.e. Act Of God, flood, fire, war, industrial action.

9. Taxes and Duties: 9% on food products, 21% on alcoholic and non food items. a) The customer is responsible for all import duties and taxes, which may be levied once the package reaches the customer's country of residence. If the customer is unsure of the relevant import duty and tax rates, they should contact their local customers office for further information. Kellys Wholesale BV cannot be held responsible for the actions of any Customs Departments who choose to open and interfere with any package.

b) VAT is charged on items depending on the delivery country, cardholders country and customer VAT status. VAT invoices may be supplied upon request. Kellys Wholesale BV reserves the right to discount items depending on customer VAT status.

10. Legal Rights: The contract between the customer and Kellys Wholesale shall be governed solely by the current laws of The Netherlands.

11. We at Kellys Wholesale are trying to guarantee you, as a customer, the longest shelf life possible. Please note that some items like bread, pies and cakes come with a short shelf life as they are fresh items; therefore, we cannot guarantee a shelf life of at least two months. The products falling under this category will have the shelf life indication stated on our website. 

We usually guarantee a shelf life of 2 months. If an item has a shorter shelf life than two months, it will be clearly stated on our website. This means that you as a customer are aware of the item’s shelf life and are therefore not allegeable for a refund or compensation. If your item has a shorter shelf life than two months upon the point of arrival and it was not stated on our website, you can contact us, and we can figure out a solution. 

12. Shipping: We work together with DHL as a shipping company. We offer regular shipping and insured shipping. In case of damages caused by the carrier, we will only be able to claim the full amount of damages from DHL for pallets that have been covered by insurance. 

Contact details: Kellys Wholesale BV, Albert Einsteinweg 5, 2408AP Alphen aan den Rijn. E-mail: [email protected]

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